Jaron Natoli
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Australian singer-songwriter Jaron Natoli is far from new to the music industry. Growing up around music from a young age, his father Chris Natoli, an accomplished guitarist, helped him get started as a 10-year-old who had a growing curiosity for singing and songwriting. 
Life moved quickly, and Jaron’s passion for music grew stronger by the day. By the age of 14, after just four years of being a musician, Jaron had released three studio albums. His debut album, ‘It’s You and Me’, follow-up, ‘Better Off On My Own’, and successor, ‘The World We Live In’ contained elements of folk and rock, which eventuated in winning awards in songwriting competitions around the world. But it didn’t stop there. Jaron continued to grow and experiment with his songwriting, pulling inspiration from electronic and jazz music.
In 2017, he released an electronic EP titled, ‘Zodiac’. It was an 80’s inspired collection of songs that Jaron wrote, recorded and produced. In the same year, he was cast as The Troubadour in the award-winning short film, ‘Speaking Daggers’ by Shakespeare Republic, featuring accomplished actors and actresses such as Michala Banas, Nadine Garner, Christoper Kirby and Scott Major. Jaron composed a hypnotic rendition of the famous Shakespeare poem, ‘O Mistress Mine’ for the short film.
In the years following, Jaron further developed his sound. Influenced by Jeff Buckley, Keaton Henson and Fleet Foxes to name a few, he established a more defined style. Jaron’s songs, ‘The Seasons They Change’, ‘Somehow’ and ‘Bloom’ are heartfelt and raw, exposing a deeper, more vulnerable side of himself.
‘Anew’ is the latest release from Jaron, featuring the previously released lead single ‘The Little Things’. The emotive folk-rock EP explores themes of love, heartbreak, hope, nostalgia and more.
Engineered and mixed by Fraser Montgomery, it was recorded in June/July 2022 at The Aviary Recording Studio within the space of four days. Fraser used a combination of analog and digital; an artistic choice that Jaron specifically chose for the project.
All the photos for the EP were also taken using an analog medium. Photographer Benjamin King captured them using five rolls of expired film that Jaron found at his local op-shop.
“This is the first EP I’ve released since 2017, and my sound has evolved and matured. I’m excited to release a group of songs that represent my current sound as an artist. I’m really proud of the EP, and I hope that listeners enjoy the journey that it offers. I’m looking forward to expanding on this sound more in the future.“
‘Anew’ is available to stream/buy now.

Contact: [email protected]